Rina Ketty

Ultra rich inexpensive hand & body lotion

Rina Ketty Musk

Rina Ketty Musk has been an important contender in the Hand & Body lotion segment in the Middle East since it’s launch.

It was therefore only a matter of time that the Rina Ketty family grows to include three brand new variants- Gardenia, Pomegranate and Cocoa Butter.

The three variants of which have been exclusively developed by Gibbosity Ltd. and just like the Musk are available in 625ml.

Gibbosity also added Body scrub to the range in two variants - Musk and Pomegranate 200ml.

Rina Ketty Musk

Gibbosity is proud to be working with some of the top regional distributors, Sara Trident Emirates, First Trading and contracting group Kuwait, Muscat Pharmacy Oman and is currently looking at appointing new ones in the Levant, Iran and Yemen.

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